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Introducing … the “Bear”

Stinky Bear is a 4y/o dog that identifies more with being a bear than a dog … and, well, being my kid’s FAVORITE bear … Stinky got his first name from the “special scent” that came after he spent all day in the baby’s mouth and on occasion in the dog’s mouth … on the floor … etc.

Stinky Bear is no ordinary bear … When he isn’t babysitting for me on weekends, he likes to fill his time doing any of the following: travel, cook, watch movies, play with his toy friends and the Baby Boy, discuss politics or quantum physics, and finally he’s a huge reality show buff.  While he loves his family, he doesn’t care much for the dog …

Stinky Bear went to nursery school w/ my son for two years before he wasn’t allowed back — something about the baby needing to wean himself off – blah blah blah … these people just don’t know about the special bond between a boy and his toy bear! …  Now he has nothing but free time and decided to start a blog about his life as a Stinky Bear in the city (or for you PC buffs: a “hygienically challenged” bear in the city) …

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  1. cherise permalink
    March 10, 2009 3:16 pm

    Stinky Bear I LOVE YOU!!!!!!!!!! your grilled cheese tutorial was very educational and helpful!!! and your super cute!!!


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