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Stinky Bear Makes Scrambled Eggs

April 1, 2009


Here there, Folks!  Stinky Bear here with another 5 Minute Meals … Seems we’ve developed a bit of a following and today we decided to invite some of our fans to the shoot. So!  Let’s get started before this turns into a 10 minute meal …

Here is what you’ll need:


  • Eggs (the Mommy likes to use 2 most of the time … unless she skipped a meal in which case she’ll add a couple more … but don’t tell her I told you that … she’s quite sensitive about her weight)
  • Butter




Crack those eggs into a bowl … and whip w/ a fork … until it looks like this here … or close to it anyway … 



Break off a bit of butter … 



Have the Mommy place it into the pan … 



Normally, Stinky Bear would let the butter melt and spread it around the pan BUT the Mommy was a bit inpatient … ANYHOO … so let butter melt and then pour in your whipped eggs …  as it cooks, take a fork or spatula and break up the eggs — thus ‘scrambling’ them!



And THERE you have it!  A lovely ‘low carb’ meal …  Thanks all for joining us today … and to my wonderful fans!  Special thanks goes out to Bessy from Greener Pastures, Henry Hippo from Hip Hop Rush ( a dance studio for hippo’s) and my very best toy friend, Roscoe the Camel.

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  1. April 2, 2009 3:44 am

    I always enjoy Stinky Bear’s saga.

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