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Stinky Bear Goes Corporate

March 19, 2009

When Stinky Bear’s not babysitting for me on some weekends, he’s with me at work … Well, not all the time … just times when I need the help in getting Aidyn out of the house and to school on time … 

Since Stinky Bear’s no longer really encouraged at school (I know I know … he’s in pre-school not med school but his teachers insisted!) he ends up coming to work with me a good portion of the time …



Stinky Bear knows the importance of answering all emails on time … But first! A moment to stare at our favorite baby in the world … 



Stinky Bear’s only 4y/o and sometimes needs a bit of a nap … He’ll get to stapling that stuff after a little shut-eye … sleep tight, SB



Up from his nap, Stinky Bear’s ready to take some notes!  Let’s see … work on guest blog post, pick up some more peanut butter for next 5 Minute Meal’s entry, hmmm OH and record Dancing With The Stars … There!

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  1. cherise permalink
    March 20, 2009 4:17 pm

    Aidyn is sooooo going to love you when he learns how to read and see all of the wonderful stories you created for him….Stinky Bear needs his own show!

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