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Welcome to Stinky Bear's blog ... Take a moment to read Stinky Bear's "About me" page titled: "Introducing ... the "Bear" by clicking here.

Stinky Bear Makes Scrambled Eggs

April 1, 2009


Here there, Folks!  Stinky Bear here with another 5 Minute Meals … Seems we’ve developed a bit of a following and today we decided to invite some of our fans to the shoot. So!  Let’s get started before this turns into a 10 minute meal …

Here is what you’ll need:


  • Eggs (the Mommy likes to use 2 most of the time … unless she skipped a meal in which case she’ll add a couple more … but don’t tell her I told you that … she’s quite sensitive about her weight)
  • Butter




Crack those eggs into a bowl … and whip w/ a fork … until it looks like this here … or close to it anyway … 



Break off a bit of butter … 



Have the Mommy place it into the pan … 



Normally, Stinky Bear would let the butter melt and spread it around the pan BUT the Mommy was a bit inpatient … ANYHOO … so let butter melt and then pour in your whipped eggs …  as it cooks, take a fork or spatula and break up the eggs — thus ‘scrambling’ them!



And THERE you have it!  A lovely ‘low carb’ meal …  Thanks all for joining us today … and to my wonderful fans!  Special thanks goes out to Bessy from Greener Pastures, Henry Hippo from Hip Hop Rush ( a dance studio for hippo’s) and my very best toy friend, Roscoe the Camel.


Stinky Bear Goes Corporate

March 19, 2009

When Stinky Bear’s not babysitting for me on some weekends, he’s with me at work … Well, not all the time … just times when I need the help in getting Aidyn out of the house and to school on time … 

Since Stinky Bear’s no longer really encouraged at school (I know I know … he’s in pre-school not med school but his teachers insisted!) he ends up coming to work with me a good portion of the time …



Stinky Bear knows the importance of answering all emails on time … But first! A moment to stare at our favorite baby in the world … 



Stinky Bear’s only 4y/o and sometimes needs a bit of a nap … He’ll get to stapling that stuff after a little shut-eye … sleep tight, SB



Up from his nap, Stinky Bear’s ready to take some notes!  Let’s see … work on guest blog post, pick up some more peanut butter for next 5 Minute Meal’s entry, hmmm OH and record Dancing With The Stars … There!

Stinky Bear Makes a Bowl of Cereal

March 17, 2009


Hey there!  Welcome to another “Stinky Bear’s 5 Minute Meals” … Today Stinky Bear’s joined by Bessy, CEO of Greener Pastures: a union for working cows, resources for cows and cow advocacy agency .  She’s here today to make sure no cows were hurt in the making of this meal.

Now! Here’s what you’ll need:

  • A bowl (there are two bowls here because one is for the Baby and one is for the Mommy)
  • Milk (if you want to go healthier, Stinky Bear suggests non-fat or skim milk — but the Mommy refuses to do anything other than whole milk)
  • Cereal (the Baby likes Honey Nut Cheerios but the Mommy says times are hard and that Scooters is the same thing … you can use whatever cereal you like)



Step 1 – pour some cereal into the bowl … fill about 1/2 the bowl (the Mommy insists on filling about 3/4 of the bowl …)




Step 2 – pour some milk into your cereal … Stinky Bear feels it’s your personal preference regarding how much milk you feel is right … Stinky Bear likes to pour enough milk to almost cover the top of the cereal … 



Ta-da!  Add some spoons and you’re ready to eat!

(Total caloric intake: approx. 110-250)

Wanna catch some “backstage” action … Click here for more pics and outtakes …

SB’s 4 Basic Rules for a Happy Life

March 14, 2009

Stinky Bear leads a very busy and happy life here in NYC … Here he shares some of his basic rules for leading a happy life …


Eat well and as healthy as possible … Stinky Bear enjoys all sorts of foods, but breakfast meals are his favorite and very often eats them throughout the day … He also enjoys Domino’s pizza — to make it healthier, he orders a small, thin crust cheese pizza and shares w/ his friends and family … 



Exercise frequently … Stinky Bear enjoys gym classes to actual machines (he had a fight w/ an elliptical machine once and well … he doesn’t like to talk about it) … Some of SB’s favorites: Hip Hop class, Latin Dance class and most recent – Yoga … don’t forget to stay hydrated by drinking lots of water … 



Have a social life! Stinky Bear enjoys plenty of time w/ friends and especially his best toy friend, Roscoe … Roscoe’s from Israel and was a gift from the Mommy’s boss … he doesn’t really speak too much English, but SB doesn’t care about that … He takes Roscoe out and teaches him English by showing him his favorite NYC spots … So Roscoe only knows words like Chelsea Piers, Hudson River Park and tall, skim, no water Chai … but he’s getting there!



Get plenty of rest!  Stinky Bear prefers to sleep to relaxing classical music like Beethoven’s Fur Elise or any Chopin — he tends to fall asleep during Baby Einstein hour … but has on occasion slept to Justin Timberlake too … Whatever your preference, SB suggests getting at least 7 hours sleep time … unless you’re a party animal like him in which case 5 usually does the trick! The other 2 hours can be made up with RedBull or some other high octane caffeinated drink …

Stinky Bear Makes a Grilled Cheese Sandwich

March 10, 2009


Stinky Bear here with my first 5 minute meal … Let’s get started, shall we … today Stinky Bear makes a Grilled Cheese sandwich … Here’s what you’ll need:

  • Two slices of bread (Stinky Bear really likes Arnold’s 7 Grain Bread — it has no High Fructose Corn Syrup)
  • One or two slices of cheese (any kind of cheese you like)
  • Butter (Stinky Bear enjoys “I Can’t Believe it’s Not Butter Light”)


Use the least amount of butter and spread it evenly among the two slices … DON’T do like the boy here and damn near empty the jar of butter on only 1/2 of one slice … 



Make sure the Mommy takes over here, K … SO! place the first slice — butter side down — in the pan … Move it around w/ the spatula to make sure it doesn’t stick to the pan … 



2 seconds later place your one or two slices of cheese …



After about a minute, place the second slice of bread … flip the sandwich and let each side sit for about a minute until golden brown …





Make sure to share with friends … saves on calories! (this sandwich s approx. 431 calories when using whole wheat bread)

Wanna check out Stinky Bear’s outtakes from this post? Click here.